6/28/2011 08:26:59 am

Although im not much of a reader, (I'm hoping i will start to throughout uni) I love the idea of the hand mirrors and how they play a HUGE part in identifing a person and how they feel about themselves. How every glance is an attack at yourself and an on going battle to make youself look and feel better!

David Fawcett
6/28/2011 08:47:20 am

I adore the idea of celebrating the power of literature through a more contemporary art form. The influences people take from reading books, both fiction and non-fiction can be huge. Speaking for myself at least, a single set of stories I read a few years ago has influenced me a lot more than I might think and from those words, much of my own art and other projects have inklings of the aspects that came from those stories.
Taking Carols work as an example; the action of looking into a mirror has connotations of vanity, pride and glamour as well as the darker side, i.e. possible self loathing. Arguably most women have issues with their image at one time or another and although the characters of novels whose protagonists are a strong female personality, the mirror links them all and places them on a parallel with all other women despite their fictional existence, it highlights that though they may be invented, they have the same problems as any person but they themselves come across as very strong in mind and perseverance in a way setting an example in my opinion.
Literature has the power to inspire and wake up many things in our own minds that we don't think about every day and I think that is a very special thing.

6/29/2011 07:19:49 am

Libraries are a collection of resources. The mind of the artist works like that library - full of ideas waiting to be 'turned up'. This new collection and the ideas behind it seem to do just that. It will be fascinating to see what these artists turn up and reveal, to help see things from a different point of view.

6/29/2011 06:45:35 pm

The criminal act of library closures by the current unelected ConDem coalition is being railed against by a vocal minority.

The current administration is deflecting any blame by saying it is Local Authorities choosing to do this but this is akin to saying 'I didn't shoot you. I simply fired a bullet and you were in the way.'

Unfortunately, due to all the other needlessly swingeing cuts taking place in a supposed age of austerity caused by the richest people on the planet, library cuts have not been top of the protest agenda.

Any initiative which reminds everyone of the power of libraries to change lives - including those of society's most poor individuals - is welcome.

This is a wonderful project which I endorse both professionally and personally.

Well done and good luck.

Ian McNeilly, MA, FRSA
National Association for the Teaching of English

Dewey System
7/5/2011 07:18:01 am

To agree with the words above, as Saul Bellow said, "words are the poor man's riches" - and so many immigrants saw the library as the place for their children - often notably not themselves - to take on a new culture. How many have been told they cannot and for the library to tell them they can? I like very much to check where words fall in a dictionary - it can be very revealing - and "library" comes between Libra, the sign of balance and librate - to be poised - to oscillate - a quivering motion - balancing...can you find other words with an accented meaning? For example, the word "family" is next to "famine"....


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