'L.A. County was large, topographically diverse and traversable only by freeway. Freeways streamlined body-disposal problems. Killers could zip to remote canyons and dump their victims fast. Freeways and freeway embankments were four-star drop zones. He rated freeways by their body-dump past and body-dump potential. Every stretch of L.A. freeway marked a dump site or the route to a crime scene. Every on-and off-ramp led to some murder.' James Ellroy My Dark Places (1996:159-60).

'Dream logic distorted the details. Victims moved between crime scenes and displayed conflicting signs of death. They came to life sometimes. They looked older or younger or just like when they fell…The instant resurrections were unnerving. The women were supposed to stay dead. Murder brought them to him. His love began the moment they died.'  James Ellroy My Dark Places (1996:157).

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