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carol sommer
06/27/2011 16:36

25 days to go...

06/28/2011 14:59

Love this! What a wonderful concept. Having finished a History of Art degree, all I want to do is read classic novels. I never felt able to do so while I was studying, there was always something else I should be reading. Now I am devouring Brideshead Revisited, though Jane Eyre is the most fantastic book I've ever read...
Though I relish escaping into the past through reading about such wonderful heroines - perhaps a reflection of the my romanticised ideas of my chosen speciality, Medieval art and stained glass - my housemate, another History of Art graduate, is entirely different. She is a classical literature sponge, and has read more books than any librarian I have ever met. Yet, having studied the More theoretical side of our subject, she now finds herself ever-analysing the books she loves! I have sent her a link to this page, and I know A Library is on Fire will interest her greatly.

06/29/2011 12:25

Agree completely, the exhibition sounds ace, would love to attend the preview night!


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